Tipton Jubilee

A Little About The Children Heard In The  Show
The children's voices you hear in this song are those of our grandchildren Ian age 10 and Ivy age 8, Austin age 9 and Nyla age 6.  These audio clips were taken in 2009 so as all children do, they have now grown into teenagers and young adults.
But our youngest grandchildren hopefully will be passing out candy canes in a few years.


To date during the 2018 show with your generosity we have raised $2,400.98.  Thank you!
Donations support charities in Howard and Tipton counties including WeCare and Tipton Jubilee Christmas.
Donation Totals by Year:
​2018     $2,400.98
2017:    $2,435.87
2016:    $3,201.59
​2015     $3,445.89
2014:    $3,912.73
2013:    $3,215.58
2012:    $5,727.69
2011:    $5,252.27
2010:    $4,740.77
2009:    $6,129.62
2008:    $1,180.00
Total: $43,048.99
We Care
This fundraising organization was established in 1973.  Through your donations, those less fortunate in the Kokomo area are given toys, food and clothing so they too may experience the joy of Christmas.  Click on the button for more information.

We Care Park
Located on the north side of Kokomo in the 2300 block of North Market street (just west of the intersection of Gano and Lafountain)
this outdoor display has over 1,000,000 lilghts, animated displays which move and Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
You can drive thru the park or walk the 3 acres to enjoy the lights and displays.
Mike has created a Christmas tradition over the last 15 years and raised money for WeCare to help those in the Kokomo 

Tipton Jubilee Christmas
This charity serves those residents in Tipton county by coordinating efforts thru the local churches. On the first Sunday in December, families in need are able to have a Christmas dinner at church and parents receive gifts to wrap for their children.