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Song:  Wonderful World

Artist:  Louis Armstrong

Comment:  This song ends our show

 Song:  Joy To The World

Artist:  Go Fish

Comment:  A different version of a popular song

Song:  Christmas With A Capital C

Artist:  Go Fish

Comment:  This song tells about the true meaning of Christmas

Song:  Epcot Illuminations

Artist:  Walt Disney

Comment:  This song plays at Epcot in Disney World

Song:  Silent Night

Artist:  Manheim Steamroller

Comment:  This song is dedicated to all veterans

Song:  Hallellujah Chorus

Artist:  Morman Tabernacle Choir

Comment:  Listen to the children tell about the birth of Christ

Song:  Wizards in Winter

Artist:  TransSiberean Orchestra

Comment:  Fast moving song with lots of special affects

Song:  Christmas Eve in Sarajevo

Artist:  TransSiberean Orchestra

Comment:  Watch the stick man dance on the video tree