Q  What made you start doing the Christmas display?
In 2006 my daughter took me to a house in Lafayette Indiana which had a computerized Christmas display.
     I noticed the smiles on the visitors faces as they watched the lights blink to the sound of the music.
     The display had a donation box which visitors could place money into that helped a local charity.
     As I walked up to the donation box to make a donation, there was a mother with her young daughter, who was about six,
     getting ready to make a donation. The little girl had a handful of pennies, which she placed into the box.
     She then looked at her mother and said the words which I will never forget, I hope this helps somebody¬Ě.
     The lights of the display, the sound of the music and the acts of generosity so inspired me that I kept going back there that Christmas.
     The joy I experienced from my visits made me feel good inside. I was touched by the spirit of giving from this little girl who was helping
     those in need that she didn't even know. I told myself that one day I would carry on what I had seen this night and apply the lesson
     learned from this little girl,  the concept called Pay It Forward, which is giving to others without expecting anything in return.
     Janet and I hope you enjoy our gift to you.
How do you get the lights to dance to the beat of the music?
A   We use Light-O-Rama light controllers and computer software to create the show. 
      The software is used to program the the lights to the MP3 music files which we have selected.
      Each song takes about 4-5 weeks to program.
      We select our new music and start programing the show around April.
How do you get the music on the car radio?
A  We use an FM radio transmitter.  It operates at a very low power and therefore by the time you reach the end
     of the block the signal begins to fade away.  We have picked the frequency 99.1 since no local radio stations broadcast on it.
How much is your electric bill? 
A  Our electric bill during the month of December only goes up about $100 over what it would normally be. 
     This is because over half our lights are LED and because the lights are constantly blinking rather than being on all the time. 
     Very rarely do we have more than 40,000 lights on at the same time.  Anytime a light is off, it is not using any electricity.
     The opening song is the only song where you will see all the lights turn on.
Q  How long does it take to set up the display?
A  We start setting up the display the 1st of October and have it completed by November 18.
     We start building new decorations for the display around the 1st of June.
Why do you have a Veterans Memorial in your Christmas display?
I am a Vietnam era veteran and feel we should honor those that protect and serve our country.
     During Christmas there are service men and women who cannot be home because their jobs take them to foreign lands.
     And there are those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could have the freedoms which we often take for granted.
     In our Veterans Memorial, we honor those fallen heroes from central Indiana with a cross which bears their name.       
Q   How much does putting on this display cost you?
A   At Christmas we always take the tags off of our gifts before we wrap them.  This display is our gift to the people in our community.