10:00   Veterans and families will start loading into the busses.
Bus #1 is for the veterans who will be in the parade.
             The bus will drop off veterans near the American Legion Mall by the Anthem float.

            Veteran's Name          Guests        Jeep #             Seat
           Meeting Location    Branch
            George Dingledy             5                  5                  Back                
Castleton              Army
            William Fischer                3                  2                  Back                Anthem                 Army
            Carl Henn                          
4                 6                  Front               Anthem                 Army
             Irv Herman                       4                  3                  Front              Castleton               Navy
            Dick Martin                        5                 4                   Back               Kokomo                 Army Air Corps
            Bob McClure                      0                 1                  Front               Castleton               Army
            Jim McClure                        0                 1                  Back                Castleton               Army
           Ed Moss                              
                  3                  Back                Castleton               Navy
           Jesse Parnell                       4                  5                  Front               Castleton               Army
           Bob Pedigo                          2                  4                  Front               Castleton              Army Air Corps
          Carl Scott                              1                  6                   Front              Castleton               Marines
          Bob Swift                              4                   2                  Back                Castleton               Army                                               
           Total ==> 12                       35  <== Total

Buses #2 and #3 are forall famliy members who will be watching the parade in the parade viewing area.
           The bus will drop off guests near the Indiana War Memorial


10:25   Buses depart Anthem parking lot.                 

Parade Unit Configuration


Detail Map of Anthem Location

11:45  500 Festival Parade begins.
12:30  Anthem parade unit with WWII veterans starts.
  1:15  Anthem parade unit with WWII veterans passes the parade viewing area.
            Parade is 2 miles long.
            Parade takes 1 hour to cover the parade route.    

For questions on parade day, ask an Anthem associate who will be wearing an BRIGHT YELLOW VEST.        

Parade Staging Area

7:15   Veterans and their families will meet at the National Government Services parking lot located at 8125 Knue Road, Indianapolis.
          This is located on east 82nd street across from Castleton Square Mall.  There are two reasons we are meeting here.
          1.    To avoid the traffic congestion and numerous street closures in downtown Indianapolis which will occur the day of the parade
          2.    The Indiana Patriot Guard  will provide a motorcycle escort downtown to Anthem which is a secured area.   

8:45 - 10:00  Catered breakfast buffet will be served for veterans and families at the Anthem cafeteria.
                       Veterans and families will be escorted to the cafeteria.
                       We have made reservations for
120 guests which includes veterans and family members. 
The Greenwood High School Jazz band will play tunes from the 40's & 50's during breakfast.
      It is IMPORTANT that we get an accurate count of family members which will attend.

8:15  Motorcycle escort arrives at Anthem located at 220  Virginia Avenue in downtown Indianapolis.
          Anthem is located one block south of Conseco fieldhouse.
          Parking will be at the east side of the parking lot. 
You will leave your car in the parking lot and get it after the parade.
          Enter the building at the east set of doors where their will be several US flags.
          Veterans will check in at the table inside the entrance

Motorcycle Route


For questions call Michael Poulimas:
Home:  765-500-0070
Cell:       317-441-0804
Work:    317-841-4598
Email:  mjp1414@yahoo.com

Overview Map of National Government Services (NGS) Location

10:45  Veterans who are in the parade arrive at the parade staging area.
            The area is on Pennsylvania Street near the Tyndall Armory and the American Legion Mall.
             Photos will be taken of the veterans with the float.
             Restrooms will be available in the Tyndall Armory.
             Water and umbrellas will be provided in the jeeps which you will be riding in.
             Medical support will be accompanying the parade unit.

This is the information page for the WWII veterans who will be honored in the 500 Festival parade.
                                                                  Parade Date:  Saturday May 28, 2016


10:35  Families who will be watching the parade will arrive at the parade viewing area.
            The area is at the corner of Michigan and Meridian Streets on the west side of the Indiana War Memorial.
40 chairs will be provided for veterans and 1 guest.  Other family members will need to bring their own folding chair.
                          Medical support will be provided at the memorial.

WWII Veterans Parade Unit Sponsored By:

Detailed Map of National Government Services (NGS) Location


Parade Route

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7:45  Veterans and families escorted by the Indiana Patriot Guard motorcycles leave National Government Services (NGS). 
Veterans and Families will drive their own cars in the escort.
          Escort will enter I465 east from Allisonville road and proceed to I70 west. 
          Exit on Fletcher Ave and proceed west.  Turn north on East street and enter Anthem at the east gate.
          A security guard will be at the gate to let the escort enter into the parking lot.            

National Government Services