Sharpsville Lights - Christmas In The Country

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        Joy to the World, Artist:  Go Fish

                      The music played on this website are the songs you will hear in the Christmas show.
       ** 2014 CHRISTMAS LIGHT SHOW **
                                                                             Our 7th Year
                                                                  *** Over 5,000 Visitors in 2013 ***
This is a FREE computerized Christmas display where lights flash to the sound of music.  The display is located in Sharpsville,
Indiana (Tipton county) which is 30 miles north of Indianapolis on US 31.  A large lighted road sign on US 31 will point you in the
direction of the show.  The display has over 100,000 lights spread over 2 acres and is controlled by 352 computer circuits. 
The show will run from Saturday November 29 thru Tuesday December 30 and will last 45 minutes.  Hours are as follows 
Mon-Thu ............ 6-10:00
Fri-Sun .............. 6-11:00
Dec 22-Dec 25 .... 6-11:00    
The show consists of 10 songs which can be heard over 99.1 on your FM car radio
The songs in the show vary by the day of the week.  See the About The Show tab for more information.
New For This Year
    In our veterans memorial this year we
    will have the tomb of the unknown soldier.
    As in Arlington National Cemetery, a  guard
    will stand over the tomb 24 hours a day.
   The tomb reminds us of veterans who
   gave the ultimate sacrifice whose remains
   are known only to God
  Located by Santa and his sleigh, these
  animated characters are well known to
  all children.
  After taking your picture with Santa come
  over and look at the cuddly characters up


  It's red.  It's round.
  It's a candy can pinwheel
  that spins around and around.
  To see how often it spins
  You will have to stop on by.
  It's blue and white.  And it's bright.
  It's an LED spiral gyra
  that gets big and then small.
  What color will you see?
  Stop on by as it
  is sure to please.
The Lights in the show have the following animated affects
- What would Christmas be like without having a large nativity.
- RGB Christmas tree is like a video screen you see at concerts.  You just may see PacMan running across the screen.
- Rotating ball spins to the beat of the music
- Lights over the driveway change from red and green while flashing blue iceycles
  and white snowflakes.
- Pinwheels spin in red and green LED colors..
- Red LED globe lights blink in a green Christmas tree.
- LED light bank changes colors from green to red.
- Twinkling stars on the roof.
- Blue/White LED shooting star.
- Blue LED star tower moves up and down the 14 foot mega tree.
- LED icicle drip lights.
- Bursting LED star. Now this is really cool.
- Light Fan displays lights as it rotates in a half circle.
- Talking Santa, what more can we say.
- Blue and red LED lights on the mega tree makes it super bright.
- A 14 foot Mega Tree will rotate and spin and display different colors.
- Two leaping arches will display lights as they move in a semicircle motion.
- A bank of 25 snowflakes will beat independently to the words in the music.
- Eight red arches will move back and forth across the yard.
- Four 8 foot vertical poles will flash red and white lights up and down the pole as they beat to the music.
- Seventy strobe lights will flash and appear as stars twinkling in the sky.
- An 18 foot tree whip looks as though hands are clapping in the air.
- Deer, snowman, teddy bears, penguins, candy canes, Christmas wreaths, 
  and a horse with carriage will flash to the musical beat.
- And if you watch real close you just may see Santa looking out the window of the house.
Donations are accepted for We Care of Howard county and Jubilee Christmas of Tipton county charities to help
those in our community so they too may enjoy the Christmas season.  In 2013 thru the generous donations from
our guests we raised $3,215.
Click HERE to make a donation to the charities which we support.
The Music in the show contains songs from the David Foster, Disney, Go Fish (a Christian rock group), Louis Armstrong,
ManHeim Steamroller, Michael Jackson,  Michael W. Smith,  Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Whitney Houston, 
One of the songs, "Christmas With A Capital C", talks about the true meaning of Christmas. The song emphasizes that
this is the Christmas season, not the "Holiday" season. It reminds us that the reason we celebrate is because of the birth of Christ. 
During Michael Jackson's "We Are The World", you will hear Christmas greetings from people in 20 different countries in their own
language.  It is a reminder that no matter what our race, religion or national origin, Christmas is the time of year when Christians
come together to celebrate the birth of Christ. 
During "The Greatest Love of All" by Witney Houston you will hear special stories as told by children
As adults, we should remember that time spent with family is a child's most treasured gift. 
You can listen to "The Greatest Love of All" by clicking on the play button below.
(Note: If the music on this page is still playing, you can stop the music by clicking on the stop button at the top of the page).
Our feature song this year will be "Hallelujah Chorus" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  
During the beginning of this song you will hear the story of the birth of Christ as told by the children of Crossroads Community Church.
We hope this story reminds you the reason why we celebrate Christmas. 
A Veterans Memorial Display consists of flags and silhouettes honoring those who have
served our country.  You will hear special music and the stories of veterans from WWII to Iraq.  The 
memorial contains the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Gettysburg and Iwo Jima displays and the soldiers cross.
We hope that when you listen to this music, you will remember those who protect and serve our country
during the Christmas season.  The song and video can be heard on the Veterans Tribute tab
of our website.
  - In our Veterans Memorial, we have added 70 crosses.
    Each cross contains the name of a local veteran who gave
    the ultimate sacrifice during Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.
    The hometowns of these heroes are from north-central Indiana.
    More information can be found on the Veterans Tribute tab.
    Let us not forget their sacrifice as we enjoy our freedoms which we have today.
    Our display is dedicated to those who protect and serve our country.
Veterans Memorial Laying of the Crosses Ceremony
On Saturday November 16, 2013 at 12:00 noon members from the Tipton American Legion, the Indiana Patriot Guard Riders, Tri Central band
and veterans from the surrounding area gathered to lay the crosses in the memorial.  All veterans which attended were given a free meal.
Special thanks to members of the Sharpsvile fire department for preparing the veterans meal.
Click HERE to watch the video from last year.
(Note: If the music on this page is still playing, you should first stop the music by clicking on the stop button at the top of the page).
  On the evening of November 28, 2012, Navy hospital
  corpman John Grosvenor and his mother Angela
  stopped by the Veterans Memorial to find the cross
  of their family member CPT John Nash.
  CPT Nash, a pilot, was shot down in Vietnam in
  March 1967 while aiding another downed pilot.
  CPT Nash's remains were recently found and returned
  home where they were interned with full honors in
  Arlington National Cemetary.
  John, who is from Tipton, will be leaving for Camp Lejeune
  North Carolina the day following his visit to our display.
  We hope that when you visit our Veterans Memorial,
  you think of those veterans, like John, who are serving 
  and will be away from home during Christmas. 
  And remember those veterans like CPT Nash who
  will never be home to spend Christmas with their families.
  Thank you to all the veterans who are currently serving.
  Our display is dedicated to those who protect
  and serve our country. 
On the evening of December 6, 2012, Amber and Harliy Evans stopped by to see Santa.  Harliy's father, Murphy, is currently
serving in Kuwait and will be back home in July 2013.  Harliy told Santa that all she wanted for Christmas was to have her
father home in a big brown box.  Our wishes to Murphy for a safe return so he can fulfil his daughter's Christmas wish.   
Learn more about the display by watching these short videos.
You will see the different lights and learn about everything which our display has to offer during your visit.
Note:  Before watching the video, click on the "stop button"
at the top of the page to stop the music currently playing.
***********   RANDOM ACTS OF CHRISTMAS KINDNESS   ***********
We have heard many stories at Christmas about people helping others.  So we are going to post articles which
demonstrate this true act of giving.  Click HERE to read stories about "Random Acts of Christmas Kindness".
Free Christmas Goodies (cookies, coffee and hot chocolate) are provided by members
of the Sharpsville United Methodist Church from 6:00 - 10:00 pm on the following days.
Friday and Saturday December 5 & 6
Friday and Saturday December 12 & 13
Friday and Saturday December 19 & 20
And the best thing is you don't even have to get out of your car.  Just drive down to the church,  
located two blocks east of our display to the drivethru on the north side of the building. 
Your goodies will be served right to your car.  That's Christmas in a small town.  Now how cool is that!   
Santa visits the display every weekend and selected weeknights in his sleigh.  Have your picture taken
with him for FREE.  Your friends and family can download a picture of you with Santa from our website.
Pictures are always taken every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and some weeknights closer to Christmas.
Get Your Picture Taken With Santa and his elves
 To our special new friends from
 Hoosier Village Retirement Center
 in Indianapolis.
 Let us never forget that the true
 joy of Christmas is that of giving
 to others and especially to those
 who have given to us throughout
 the years.
 For the child inside of us never grows
 old this special time of year.
 A very Merry Christmas from
 Michael and Janet
photos courtesy of Judy Hinman (
See the house as it turns to different colors