Video of the WWII Veterans Grand Marshals

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Car #00 51 Pontiac Chieftan - Bob Jones


Front: Driver's Wife
Rear:  Mark Griffin
Rear:  Jack Mansell

Front :  Charles Hallagan


Front:  Lyle Spaugh

Front:  Bill Sigward

Front: Bill Ciriello

Car #25:  60 Ford Thunderbird - Dave Wheatley

Car #28:  47 Pontiac Streamliner - John & Tammy Stewart

Front: Driver's Wife
Rear:  Alex Rearick
Rear:  Assist - Wife

Car #2:  41 Caddilac - Don Ray

Front:  Leroy Owen

Car #30:  48 Nash - Joe and Sue Livingston

Jeep #J3:  WWII Jeep
Driven by Doug Hvidston

Front:  John Razenberg

 Front: John Eads
Rear: Dick Martin
Rear:  Assist - Wife

Car #8:  31 Chevy Coach - Don Anderson

Car #20:  29 Model A Sports Coupe - Warren Smith (MAC)

Front:  Jack Feightner
Rear: Darrel Hout
​Rear:  Assist Darrel Hout

Car #21:  29 Model A Phaeton - Bob Flanagan (MAC)

Front :  Gene Taylor
Rear:  William Fischer
Rear:  Assist - Wife

Car #12:  55 Chevy Belair - Dan Moore (VR)

Front :  Bob Swift
Rear:  Joe Reynolds

Car #10:  50 Mercury - Jim Beaman (VR)

Car #14:  52 Chevy - John Chandler (VR)

Front: Jack Baxter

Car #4:  - 31 Model A Sedan - Arlis Tyner (VR)

Front: Andy Anderson

Car #27:  - 41 Ford - Jim Hayes (VR)

Car #1:  57 Austin Healey - Lewis Jay

Front:  William Waggoner
Rear:  Calvin Arnold
Rear:  Assist - Claire
            Bridge Staff

Jeep #5:  WWII Jeep from MAC
Driven by Don Schlafer

Navy Branch Service Flag (15)
Carried by WWII Reenactor in period dress

Rear: Chester Brantley
Rear: Kenney Talbert

Front:   Dick Neal

Front:  Wife
Rear: George Dingledy
Rear:  Assist - Daughter

Front: Joe Macri

Front: Frank Bertalon

Jeep #J4:  WWII Jeep
Driven Joe Whitemore

Jeep #J2:  WWII Jeep
Driven by Don Lewis

Front: Carl Henn
Rear: Warren Engelhardt

McClure Brothers Banner
Carried by Family Members

Army Branch Service Flag (21)
Carried by WWII Reenactors in period dress

McClure Brothers

McClure Brothers
Bob, Dick and Jim

Front: General Patton

Front:  Carl Scott
Rear:  Richard Dorn
Rear:  Assist - Old Meridian Staff

Coast Guard Branch Service Flag (1)
Carried by WWII Reenactor 
                    in period dress

WWII Bannor
Carried by Ian, Ivy and Austin

American Period Flags
Carmel Boy Scout Troop 202

Anthem VOA Banner

Carried by Anthem VOA Veterans

Grand Marshal Banner
Carried  by:  Carmel Feast Staff

Garrison Size US flag 36' x 24'
Carried by:
Howard County Vietnam Veterans
Anthem VOA
Patriot Guard Riders

Thank you to the following organizations which took part in honoring the WWII grand marshals
CarmelFeast Parade Committee                                                    Centier Bank                                                                            
Carmel Boy Scout Troop 202                                                          Howard County Vietnam Veterans
Indy Honors Flight                                                                             Military Vehicle Restoration Group
Indiana Patriot Guard Riders                                                           Veterans of Anthem
WWII Reenactors, Company G, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division


Veteran's Name
Frank Bertalon
Total ==> 1

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Veteran's Name
Bob Burchette
John Eads
Mark Griffin
Jack Mansell
Dick Martin
Charles Ormsby
Bob Pedigo
Alex Rearick
​Bill Sigward
Total ==> 9

Veteran's Name
Calvin Arnold
Chester Brantley
Bill Ciriello
Joe Dietz
Jack Feightner
Irv Herman
Darrel Hout
Clarice Jean Lucius
Edward Moss
Edward Pursel
Robert Parr
Ken Rash
Maurice Stout
William Waggoner
Total ==> 14

Veteran's Name
Richard Dorn
Joe Macri
Carl Scott
Total ==> 3

Veteran's  Name                    
Andy Anderson                  
Jack Baxter                           
Toby Cohen                         
George Dingledy  
Warren Engelhardt, age 102               
William Fischer
Charles Hallagan                   
Carl Henn                             
Bob McClure                       
Dick McClure                        
Jim McClure                          
Jimmy McDowell                 
Gene Milligan                       
Dick Neal                             
Jessee Parnell
John Razenberg
Joe Reynolds
Lyle Spaugh
Bob Swift
Kenny Talbert
Gene Taylor
Total ==> 21


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Jeep #J1:  WWII Jeep
Driven by Ted Pontiaf

Car #19:  29 Model A Phaeton - Les Sebring

Front:  Ken Rash
Rear:  Joe Dietz
Rear:  Maurice Stout

Front: Assist
Rear:  Bob Pedigo
Rear: Assist

Car #11:  66 Olds Cutlass - John Graham

Car #29:  - 66 Pontiac Lemans - David Martin

Marine Branch Service Flag (3)
Carried by WWII Reenactor 
                   in period dress

Front: Bob Burchette
Rear:  Charles Ormsby
Rear:  Assist - Daughter

Car #13:  -61 Corvette - Fred Wicker

Rear:  Jimmy McDowell
Rear:  Assist - Daughter

Front: Jim Moffett

Car #6:  40 Ford Coupe - Al Seidel

Front: Robert Parr
Rear:  Clarice Jean Lucius
​Rear:  Ed Pursel

Car #24:  29 Model A Sedan - Bill Clary (MAC)

Front:  Edward Moss

Car #22:  29 Model A Coupe -  Mac Willoughby (MAC)

Front: Irv Herman

Car #18:  31 Model A Deluxe Coupe- Gary Reece (MAC)

Front:  Gene Milligan
Rear: Toby Cohen

Front:  Jessee Parnell

Car #7:  60 Corvette - Dave Heflin (VR)

Car #9:  - 29 Model A Roadster - Dave Heflin (VR)

Car #26:  PT Cruiser - Bill Doss

Jeep #J6:  WWII Jeep
Driven by Mike McComus

Air Force Branch Service Flag (10)
Carried by WWII Reenactor in period dress

Car #15:  49 Ford Pickup - Bob Pencek

Car #17:  53 Studabaker - Jim Turner

Car #5:  31 Model A Roadster - Michael and Janet Poulimas

Car #3:  38 Packard - Andy Wolf

Car #16:  30 Model A Pickup - Mike Mattingly (MAC)

Car #23:  31 Model A Tudor Sedan - Farrell Kiesel (MAC)