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A big thanks to the following people who have helped with the display over the years.

  • My loving wife Janet Poulimas, for standing by my side these last 12 years.  She gave up alot of her time 6 months out of the year setting up the display, helping run the display and tearing it down.  I could not have done this without you.  I love you very much.
  • Santas Jim Butler, John Beaty, Matt Weir, Mike Sandefur, and Jack Fenn for listening to the Christmas wishes of all the children.  Over 3,000 children had their pictures taken with Santa in his sleigh.
  • The over 50,000 visitors which made our display as part of their holiday tradition.  Their donations of  over $43,000 helped those less fortunate in our community so they could experience the joy of Christmas.
  •  To our grandchildren Ian, Austin, Nyla, Ivy,  Gideon  and Ellis and our young friends Abby, Nolan, Lacy, Courtland, Camden who all were Santa's elves.  They passed out candy canes and took pictures with Santa. 
  • The members of the Sharpsville United Methodist Church for passing out home made cookies and hot chocolate to the visitors at their church.  These treats were especially enjoyed by all the children.  Your donations helped several families in Sharpsville during the Christmas season.
  •  The members of the Tri-Central football team, Teen Blast, Alex Poulimas, Tucker Shaffer, Nolan Hitchcock and Camden Hitchcock for helping setting up the display and tearing it down.  This was a very labor intensive project which could not have been done without their help.
  •  My 87 year old mother, Ann Poulimas who lost her battle with leukemia on August  7.  She helped put up the decoration every year.  I think of you every day in heaven.
  •  My brother Jim Poulimas, who helped build parts of the veterans memorial.  We will be by your side as you fight your battle with cancer.  My sister in law, Kathy Smith, drove up for many years from Atlanta GA to help put up the display.  She lost her battle with cancer on Oct 28 and is now in heaven playing her harp with the angels.  She was preceded in death by her son and our nephew Rylan who went to heaven on Oct 21.  Rylan was taking care of his mother until her passing.
  •  Marcee Reese and members of her church for passing out cookies and hot chocolate at our display.
  •  Ted Sullivan for letting us use his yard to display the veterans memorial.
  •  Mike and Jackie Meyers  for letting us display the road sign in their yard on US 31 and lighting it up to point visitors in the direction of our display.
  •  Don Hitchcock for building the Veterans crosses and the Tomb of the Unknown soldier.  Don was always there when we needed help of any kind.  
  •  Jean Hitchcock for making Santa's seat on the sleigh.  She was always very supportive in all or our needs.  God rest your soul in heaven.
  •  Members of Crossroads Church for creating the videos and the children's voices heard in our feature song "Hallelujah Chorus". 
  •  Constance Bunn for repairing the flags each year in the veterans display.
  •  Judy Hineman for taking the many pictures which are used on our website.
  •  Mike Wyatt of WeCare Park for helping us get started back in 2008.

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